Pacific Symphony Cellist Laszlo Mezo Performs Bartók’s “Romanian Folk Dances”

For your enjoyment, here is Symphony cellist Laszlo Mezo performing his favorite piece by Bartók: “Romanian Folk Dances,” arranged by Luigi Silva, Laszlo Mezo, Sr. (his father) and Laszlo Mezo, Jr.

Laszlo Mezo was born in Hungary to a family of musicians with over 200 years of musical history. His great-grandmother heard Franz Liszt performing live, and performed with Pablo Casals. His father, Laszlo Mezo, Sr., was an iconic cellist and soloist who personally knew Zoltán Kodály, and actually owns a few of Kodály’s manuscripts. Growing up, Laszlo spent a lot of time listening to concerts by his father’s quartet, the “Bartók String Quartet.” He also later performed regularly in the Bartóks’ house, now a museum.

The string quartets by Bartók and Beethoven are childhood favorites of his. He has performed all of the cello (and most of the chamber music) compositions of those masters.

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