Welcome to Pacific Symphony Blog

Welcome to Pacific Symphony’s new blog, called, suitably enough, Pacific Symphony Blog. (We decided not to get too fancy with the title.) My name is Timothy Mangan and I’m the writer-in-residence and your host here.

A statement of intentions is perhaps in order. Our focus will be the orchestra of course — its musicians as well as the music it plays. We will offer behind-the-scenes views, interviews, features, videos, news, announcements, short posts and playlists. Maybe even some humor now and then.

We will also range, as time permits, outside of this orchestra’s activities, and consider matters pertaining to Southern California’s classical music scene, and classical music in general. We’d like this blog to be informative, entertaining, and enriching.

We also intend to post often. Please bookmark this page and visit again soon. Your comments are always welcome. Contact me via email at tmangan@pacificsymphony.org.

Welcome to Pacific Symphony Blog

One thought on “Welcome to Pacific Symphony Blog

  • June 1, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    The blog looks good. Again, my congratulations to Pacific Symphony, John Forsyte and Tim Mangan for creating this residency and may it pay off for the local music community.


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