Music Director Carl St.Clair holding a baton up.

Welcome to Pacific Symphony’s 45th Anniversary Season!

By Music Director Carl St.Clair

Music Director Carl St.Clair

We’re opening Pacific Symphony’s 45th anniversary season with one of the greatest tone poems of all times: Richard Strauss’s Ein Heldenleben, “A Hero’s Life.” When I think about it, the life of Pacific Symphony is truly heroic. The Symphony’s meteoric rise in just 45 short years is really unprecedented in the pantheon of American orchestras, and we can all be very proud of it. Most of the credit is not only due to the orchestra’s great musicians but also to your continued support.

To some, a 45th anniversary might sound old, but in the life of symphony orchestras, we’re still like adolescents. In the short life of Pacific Symphony, we have grown to become the largest orchestra formed in America in the last half century! It’s due to a consistency of philosophy: We’ve had only two music directors and two executive directors, and that’s kept us on an important mission of becoming your orchestra. Music enhances the beautiful life we live in Orange County. Great music contributes to our existence, to the beauty and meaning of that life. And that’s been an important part of our mission.

We’ve never taken our eyes off the prize of where Pacific Symphony fits in the world of music. We commissioned works. We performed in Europe in 2006, we opened a new hall at Segerstrom Center for the Arts that same year. We had a PBS special, performed in Carnegie Hall, and toured China. We’ve recorded CDs and created music that is truly ours. At each turn, those endeavors have been lauded and applauded by the musical world at large and also by you. We always strive to be the beacon of artistic achievement of Orange County.

As we embark on our 45th season, brimming with the exhilarating promise of Strauss’s Ein Heldenleben and so much more, let us not forget the incredible journey that’s brought us here. Our story is a tapestry woven from the unyielding commitment of our musicians, the steady vision of our leadership, and the invaluable support from you, our audience. Whether you’ve been with us since our first downbeat or are joining us for the first time, you are an essential part of our symphonic narrative—a narrative that speaks to the power of music to unite, inspire, and elevate the human spirit. With deep gratitude and an eagerness for the musical adventures that await, I invite you to partake in this celebratory season. Together, let us write the next chapter in Pacific Symphony’s truly heroic journey. Thank you for making us your orchestra. Here’s to making more beautiful music together.

Welcome to Pacific Symphony’s 45th Anniversary Season!
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