You’re Invited to a Roaring 20s Party!

Jump back in time a hundred years to relive the Roaring 20s (May 11-13) with Pacific Symphony for an immersive and interactive experience celebrating the golden Jazz Age. Arrive early to enjoy a pre-concert performance in the lobby presenting Tin Pan Alley classics with pianist David Clemensen. Meanwhile inside the concert hall at 7 p.m., Alan Chapman talks about highlights of the evening and interviews guest artists. Pacific Symphony’s Roaring 20s concert begins at 8 p.m. and features ragtime, jazz, Gershwin’s greatest hits, and more!

We’ve got a jazz-age wingding at 9:30 p.m. in the lobby, and our Roaring 20s party will be the “bee’s knees.” A DJ will be spinning a variety of “electrical” recordings from the era’s greatest hits while you can “cut a rug” with our “swell” friends from Atomic Ballroom dance studio. There will be table games for all the “cool cats,” and you can even get a digital photographic souvenir to commemorate your “swanky” evening. 

You might even run into some characters from a bygone age who will be crashing the party. It’ll be the “cat’s pajamas,” but if you “know your onions” and want a break from “putting on the Ritz,” you’ll want to search out our hidden speakeasy…hint, hint … it’s somewhere near the concert hall lobby. If you do find this secret saloon and anyone gives you any trouble, tell ‘em “Carl sent ya,” but be sure to avoid the “coppers.” You won’t want to get “pinched” on your “caper,” after all, Prohibition’s alive and kicking in the 20s! Speaking of which, this little bootlegger bash will feature a live jazz trio, some exclusive treats, and for a few “clams” you can even get some special “hooch” from Carl’s private stash, available nowhere else.

When it’s time to “scram,” end your evening back in the concert hall at 10:15 p.m. with the 1927 silent film It, accompanied by Dennis James live on the organ. The movie features silver-screen icon Clara Bow—the most famous flapper of the 20s and the original “It Girl”—who inspired such adoring chants as “Flippant flapper, trim and dapper, naughty, haughty, chic man-trapper. All together now, boys, ‘Has she got IT? Well, I guess. Clara! Clara! Yes! Yes! Yes!’ ”

Feel free to get “dolled up” for this shingdig in your favorite 1920s getup, and you’ll enjoy a memorable “hotsy totsy” night out like no other!

It’ll be a Jazz Age evening of flappers, fashions, music, and fun!

You’re Invited to a Roaring 20s Party!

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