Did You Miss Our Town Hall?

Recently, Music Director Carl St.Clair joined Pacific Symphony President & CEO John Forsyte for a virtual town hall. They presented a roadmap to recovery from the pandemic, exciting news about our virtual concerts, updates on the status of the Symphony, plans for reopening and how we continue to educate, engage and connect with the greater community. Watch it here:

1 thought on “Did You Miss Our Town Hall?

  1. Thanks so much for repeating this video as I had missed part of it the first time.  I called & was told they would let me know when it would be on video.  THANKS A MILLION for following through!Also enjoyed the Lantern Festival & activities today.  Very well done & learned so much and enjoyed the music.Since I’ve been home the majority of the time since March, 2020, I’ve appreciated all the activities Pacific Symphony has presented.Thanks Carl, John, Board of Directors, Donors & all the staff for the work you’re doing for all we subscribers & other Patrons who have discovered Pacific Symphony virtually!Pat FelbingerSymphony 100


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