“Arts-X-press” Applications Opening Soon!

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Students from across Orange County arrive at arts-X-press on a bus that picks them up and drops them off near their home school

Creativity, art and self-expression can be such an important part of one’s growth and development. Not only are people, especially kids, able to express their personality, but there is no limit to what can be communicated through the arts. It doesn’t matter whether it is music, singing, acting, dancing, painting or writing: the possibilities for expression are endless. Now, imagine a place where budding young artists and creative thinkers come together to explore the art, nourish their sense of self and make lasting friendships.

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At arts-X-press each student participates in an arts workshop, which delves into an art form, teaches collaboration and helps students find their artistic voice

Arts-X-press is a unique camp environment that values students’ individuality and helps cultivate an appreciation for the magic in life and the courage in to make meaningful contributions to their communities. For five days, incoming 7th and 8th grade students can make new friends, stay in a college dorm, enjoy campus meals and immerse themselves in the arts in a supportive and non-competitive environment. Here, students can be themselves unapologetically. Staff and counselors lead students in learning more skills in an art-form they already enjoy and help them venture into something new. They leave feeling more confident in themselves and with a support system filled with students just like them from all over Southern California.

Applications for arts-X-press will be available on Feb. 1, 2020. Check out our website here for more information and to find the application for this amazing program!

Session 1
Arts-X-press students showcase their talent during Parent Presentation, a culmination of the work students produce over the course of the session




“Arts-X-press” Applications Opening Soon!

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