Poll: Listening devices

Listening habits have changed drastically in the last decade or so. I grew up collecting records that I bought at record stores and playing them on a record player while sitting down in front of it. Now we’re more portable, but that means we listen in a different way. Anyway, I’m curious as to how readers of this blog usually listen to classical music. Pick one answer. (I know it’s hard — I listen to classical music on several of these devices. Just choose the one you think you use the most.) UPDATE: Poll has been changed as of 3 p.m.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Listening devices

  1. Tim: you forgot (or should have ) to include XM (satallite ) radio heard both at home and in the car. Incidentally KUSC is once again experimenting with programming single movement of an opus and generally lighter music. The dummies forgot that Bonnie Price and her husband whose name I can’t recall right now) did that around 1970. This resulted in many people tuning out and not donating to KUSC. The program director (now I remember his name-Wally Smith) and his wife) both ended up fired and KUSC was saved. History repeats itself for those who don’t remember. Your public voice would be helpful on this issue. .


  2. I too have a collection of vinyl recording from the ’50’s, ’60’s and ’70’s. All still in great condition. And I have a very good turntable on which to play them, also in great condition. The fidelity of these recordings (even the “pops” from dust etc.) can really be appreciated with today’ quality audio systems. The listening experience of these vinyl recordings far exceeds the fidelity I get from the CD’s of the exact same recordings which have been reissued.. And yes, I still play just sit and listen to CD’s and vinyl recordings through some excellent audio and speaker equipment.


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