A Message from Dr. Jake Sustaita

A Message from Dr. Jake Sustaita

We have an awesome new season of Family Musical Mornings Concerts presented by Farmers & Merchants Bank. All the programs are created especially for young audiences! I am looking forward to sharing some thrilling musical adventures this year.

I am the conductor of the series, Jacob Sustaita, and I am honored to share the stage with the fantastic musicians of Pacific Symphony. There some wonderful guests who are here to help us present our first concert of the season – HALLOWEEN AND FABULOUS FALL FESTIVALS on Oct. 21.

For the first concert, we are going to do something we have never done before—our program is a celebration of all types of Fall traditions and festivities like Halloween, Día de los Muertos, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Diwali. Whatever your background, everyone will enjoy and be moved by the music, songs, instruments, and magic of today’s concert.

We will also Spotlight our GUEST MUSICIANS and the INSTRUMENTS they play. I wonder what instrument our audience will like the most. What is it about that instrument that people like so much? Since I’m a conductor, my favorite instrument is the ORCHESTRA (ALL the INSTRUMENTS).

I encourage the audience to come dressed up and ready to have a great time! I hope to see everyone at our next concert – NUTCRACKER for KIDS! on Dec. 2. This is going to be a great season!

And we are so grateful to Farmers & Merchants Bank for their generous gift of sponsorship!

From all of us at Pacific Symphony – we appreciate the support and everyone has a great time!


Dr. S

A Message from Dr. Jake Sustaita

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