Robin Liu

Meet Our New Board Member

From China to an art gallery in Laguna Beach, Robin Liu has had an interesting journey on his way to becoming a new Pacific Symphony board member. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Hunan University, he went on to pursue an MBA at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. After graduating, he joined Sprint and shortly after that he was relocated to Hong Kong as Sprint’s Chief Financial Officer for Asia, managing sales across 14 countries in the Asian-Pacific region.

When Sprint merged with Nextel in 2005, he joined Visador Holding Corporation as the Vice-President of Global Sourcing. When the company downsized four years later, Liu left and started his own company, Affordable Home Products. He built a kitchen cabinet warehouse while seeing domestic manufacturers were downsizing their operations. In 2015 he expanded into production to support growing nationwide multifamily projects and rebranded to Cabinetry 1. It is a full-service company offering custom designs, architect detail shop drawings, logistic service and turn-key installations.

In 2019, Robin Liu was among the first kitchen cabinet manufacturers relocating manufacturing to Vietnam. Working through the supply chain challenges over the last few years, he continues using Asian sourcing to mitigate the impact of rising material costs and labor shortages. 

In spite of his busy professional life, Robin Liu enjoys classical music and fine art. Seeing the public’s emergent interest in Pop Art, he started a Pop Art Gallery in downtown Laguna Beach that sells art works from such prominent masters as Picasso, Dali, Miro, Chagall, as well as Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami. He lives with his wife Maggie Peng, son Adam and daughters Vicky and Chloe. He is pleased to be a new member of Pacific Symphony’s board of directors.

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