Donor Honor Roll (Week Ending Dec. 4): Thank You!

Pacific Symphony patrons are the best! Our Donor Honor Roll gives us the opportunity to recognize and thank our patrons who recently contributed gifts to the Symphony. You may have seen some of these posts throughout the year on social media. 

This past week featured a special global event in which many of you participated – Giving Tuesday. We’re grateful for your participation in our record-breaking event raising over $100,000 in less than 24 hours! We think that’s pretty amazing. We also extend a very special thank you to cellist Andy Honea for his inspiring videos and Board Members Sam and Susan Anderson for their generous matching gift. 

Thank you for your continued support, everyone! We can’t do any of what we do without you. To learn how you can keep making a difference year-round, please use this link.  

The following names are listed in alphabetical order by last name:

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Abbott  

Mrs. Mary Ann Adams   

Mr. and Ms. Christopher T. Ahola   

Ms. Christine Alden   

Mr. Robert Apfelzweig   

Ms. Heather Arias de Cordoba   

Dr. AJ Arslancan   

Dr. Annelle Arthur   

Ms. Joye Atchinson   

Christopher Bank   

Ms. Sylvia L. Bartlett   

Pamela Blake   

Mr. and Ms. Andrew B. Borgona   

Dr. A G. Bowden  

Debrah Brittenham   

Mr. and Dr. Knox Brooks   

Ms. Alice Browne   

Ms. Patricia Buehnerkemper   

Ms. Enid Busser   

Ms. Cheryl L. Carlson   

Mrs. Miriam Carr   

Ms. Denise B. Chilcote   

Mr. and Ms. Shiyun Chung   

Ms. Eileen J. Cirillo   

Mrs. Elaine Clough and Mr. Lee Gordon   

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Cole   

Mr. Gordon Cowan   

Ann Creelman   

Mr. John Creigh   

Mr. Dennis M. Dart  

Ms. Jill Day   

Mr. Charles Dexter  

Dr. Walter Dietiker   

John and Mary Douglas   

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dow   

Mrs. Robin Fayette   

Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fine   

Mr. Gregory L. Foley   

Mr. and Dr. John C. Fossum   

Mrs. Yvonne Frank   

Mr. Norman Fricker   

Ms. Ellen K. Fujikawa   

Mr. Charles Gasper and Mrs. Rachel Forman   

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Giblin   

Mr. and Mrs. H. Steven Gilbert   

Estate Gift of William J. Gillespie   

Ms. Alison M. Glik   

Ms. Marilyn J. Goldin   

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Goldsbrough   

Mrs. Esther A. Gyurik   

Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Haaker   

Mr. Stephen Hayward   

Mr. And Mrs. Frederick Heinecke   

Gerald Herter   

Mrs. Lois Holdridge   

Sabrina Hsu  

Beherl Huang   

Ms. Elizabeth Hyland  

Ms. Vivien Ide  

Mr. Charles Janneck   

Ms. Sarah B. Jones   

Ms. Patricia Jorgensen   

Mr. Robert Kelley and Ms. Angela Wu   

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Klein   

Ms. Ellen Knopf   

Mr. Dudley Kohl   

Jonathan Krauss   

Wm Kroener  

John Lagourgue   

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Lawler Jr.   

Victor Lee   

Mr. and Ms. Brian W. Leecing   

Dr. and Mrs. Milton E. Legome   

Ms. Angela Leu   

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Liao  

Benjamin Lichtman   

Ms. LaNay M. Locher   

Mr. Mark F. Maltese   

Mrs. and Mrs. Shirley McManus  

Richard Meinhold   

Mr. Jason L. Miles   

Mr. Steven L. Mizera and Ms. Patricia Winnie   

Ms. Nanci Moreno   

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Neeld   

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nelson   

Ms. Thuy N. Nguyen   

Ms. Joyce Y. Okazaki   

Dr. Howard Okin   

Ms. Fredricka A. Older   

Ms. Maureen Ong   

Mrs. Sarah Onheiber   

Mrs. Linda D. Owen   

Mr. Thomas M. Parker  

Ms. Yvette Pergola   

Ms. Ann Peterson   

Ms. Sharon E. Pfister   

Mr. Diego Pombo and Mrs. Teresa De Jong-Pombo   

Ms. Nancy Preston   

Mr. Paul A. Ramey   

Mrs. Lynn M. Rasmussen   

Dr. Sanford L. Ratner and Mrs. Hilary R. Davis  

Ms. Pam Rehwoldt   

Ms. Joann Rein  

Ms. Marie Resnick   

Ms. Winifred Rice  

Ms. Donnamarie Risse  

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Roddel   

Mr. Thomas B. Rogers and Ms. Sarah J. Anderson   

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Roth   

Ms. Martha Ryan   

Ho Yuchiu Sa  

Mr. Eric M. Saca  

Ms. Wendy Sacket   

Mrs. Eugenia Samarchyants   

Ms. Gloria Schlaepfer   

Mrs. Lorraine E. Schmidt   

Mr. David P. Schneider   

Mrs. Linda J. Schumacher   

Mr. Harold Schwartz  

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Seigel   

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sengstock   

Philippus Seo   

Mr. Michael Shao   

Mr. Dennis P. Shirey   

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sliepka   

Ms. Barbara Sloate   

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Smith   

Mr. Alan Spalding   

Mrs. Beverly Spring   

Mr. Walter and Dr. Masami Stahr   

Ms. Tracy Steele   

Ms. Diane Stroebel   

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Surmanian   

Ms. CarolAnn Tassios   

Ms. Sally Taylor   

Ms. Michelle Teng  

Ms. Earleen Thomas   

Mr. Kenneth Thompson   

Ms. Shirley To   

Dr. Alina and Mr. Victor Tolan   

Mr. Mark Tomaino and Ms. Diana Martin   

Ms. Cynthia Trostler   

Mr. Robert W. Tygenhof and Dr. Felice L. Gersh   

Mr. Henry G. Viets   

Ms. Roberta Wall   

Mr. And Mrs. Tsong R. Wang  

Mr. Thomas Weber  

Mr. Elliot Williams   

Dr. and Dr. James Wong   

Mr. Richard Wordes and Ms. Amy Hitchock  

Mrs. Mary Ann C. Wotring   

Ms. Yunqi Zhou   

Donor Honor Roll (Week Ending Dec. 4): Thank You!
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