Smart Ideas That Benefit You and Pacific Symphony

To paraphrase England’s Queen Elizabeth: “2020 is not a year on which we shall look back with undiluted pleasure … it has turned out to be an ‘Annus Horribilis.’ ”

The Latin phrase meaning “horrible year” certainly seems to sum up this extraordinarily challenging year we’ve been living through. With year’s end approaching, Pacific Symphony can help you to explore a silver lining in the form of tax savings and possible income benefits.

Here is a handy checklist of some tax-wise year-end charitable gifts to Pacific Symphony that can provide you with tax savings and possible income benefits:

Make a direct gift of cash or appreciated assets
If you can contribute cash or appreciated property, like securities or real estate, you could receive a charitable deduction for the current value of the asset, and pay no capital gains tax on the transfer.

Fund a charitable gift annuity
If you would like to increase your financial security and create a stream of fixed payments you can never outlive … all while making an impactful gift to the work of Pacific Symphony, then the charitable gift annuity is a worthwhile option to consider. 

Establish a charitable remainder trust
Did you know that with a charitable remainder trust, you can transfer cash, an appreciated asset or other property to a special trust that is invested to generate income for you and any other beneficiaries you select? After all payments have been made, the balance of the trust passes to our organization.

Make a gift of life insurance
Did you know you can make Pacific Symphony a beneficiary of life insurance policies and receive significant tax benefits?

If you’re interested in finding the silver lining in this “Annus Horribilis” and turning next year into an “Annus Mirabilis”—a year of miracles—contact Gary Good, Pacific Symphony’s Senior Executive for Legacy & Endowment Giving, by email at or by phone at (321) 331-1344.

Smart Ideas That Benefit You and Pacific Symphony

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