“No Hall? No Problem!”

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Check out this excellent overview of Pacific Symphony’s digital initiatives, with extensive quotes from Music Director Carl St.Clair, Symphony President John Forsyte and Senior Vice President of Artistic Planning and Production Eileen Jeanette about how we are continuing to connect with constituencies via online efforts.

You can read the article here!

Carl St.Clair said, “With the symphony musicians, they’re putting together all these wonderful creative short little musical messages, but basically they’re staying in touch with our family members: audiences, colleagues, staff, board members, anyone who’s part of our family. We sometimes speak in unison, like with the Beethoven 7th collage [symphony members played the final movement online, from their homes, in Zoom-like mosaic form], or through the small, short, less-than-five-minute vignettes, but we’re basically saying ‘We care, we’re OK, we love you all, we need each other, and we can’t wait to get back.’ And when that moment happens, it will be jubilation and celebration in a way we haven’t seen since the Leonard Bernstein concert on Christmas Day after the fall of the Berlin Wall. That kind of reuniting. It will have that same historical flavor and flair to it.”

A huge shout-out to Voice of OC for their thoughtful coverage of the massive changes that are happening to the arts world right now, as we all continue to weather this crisis together.

“No Hall? No Problem!”

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