You’ve Never Heard Beethoven Like This

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 4.28.01 PM

Typically, performing a Beethoven symphony can be challenging. The music is big, bold and explosive, and it requires a ton of coordination. Thanks to 21st century technology, we were able to take some of those same elements through the homes of over 30 different Pacific Symphony musicians and the final product … well, let’s just say it’s glorious.

Even though we’re not together in the concert hall, we’re still coming up with creative ways to bring you Pacific Symphony into your home. Please enjoy this “quarantine” rendition of the finale to Beethoven’s jubilant Seventh Symphony!

Watch our “Beethoven Mosaic” video here!


2 thoughts on “You’ve Never Heard Beethoven Like This

  1. Tell Joanne bates–great idea. thank you Joanne is doing a great job–i hope she is going to do another 2 years-smile
    The theater has been cancelled at the pacific Amphitheater–there is always nrxt year–do not go to beach to protect other people


  2. How beautiful!!!
    I’ve been missing the theatre a lot and this was truly entertaining.
    Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing with us such great music.


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