A Playlist of Canceled Concerts

Wind Ensemble
Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble

We are heartbroken that we have canceled or postponed our events in March due to the coronavirus outbreak. Read our official statement on Facebook here and visit our website to get the most up-to-date concert information

Chireh 3
Hafez and Shahram Nazeri

Along with our musicians and our wonderful patrons, our deepest sympathies are with the artists: Pink Martini, who brings so much energy to every show; our students with the Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble (PSYWE) who have been practicing countless hours; Alexander Romanovsky, who flew out weeks early to rehearse the 10 different Beethoven pieces he was going to play; and our Nowruz headliners, Shahram Nazeri and Hafez Nazeri, who bring all the support of the Persian community to unite the world through music. And to all our fans, thank you for your support and understanding.

We have put together a playlists for both the classical concerts, including our PSYWE concert, and links to Pink Martini, Shahram Nazeri and Hafez Nazeri’s Spotify profiles as well.

We hope you enjoy the music that we wanted to present to you in our beloved Concert Hall in the safety and comfort of your own home – happy listening!

A Playlist of Canceled Concerts

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