A Symphony, Concerto, & World Premiere: December’s Classical Concert

This concert is arguably one of the strongest programs of the season. From December 5-7, experience the wonder of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, conducted by Maestro Carl St.Clair. As one of Beethoven’s most well- known pieces, it has been described by critics as “the apotheosis of the dance.” What makes this symphony unique is its depth; starting with a dark, mysterious atmosphere and building to a surprising light-heartedness that Tchaikovsky once called “a whole series of images, full of unrestrained joy, full of bliss and pleasure of life.” (Check out that link to see 5 things you might not have known about this piece!)

The symphony’s dance elements and sense of celebration are beautifully conveyed through the symphony’s rhythmic components, while the forward movement and striking melodies create a truly memorable musical experience. This symphony remains as one of Beethoven’s most optimistic works. Check out the video below to see the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’s performance, conducted by Iván Fischer.

The concert will also feature world-renowned artist Vadym Kholodenko performing Prokofiev’s demanding Piano Concerto No. 3, and Elliot Goldenthal premiering his new adagio, “October Light,” a tribute to Maestro St.Clair’s 30 years with the orchestra.

Kholodenko is quickly building a reputation as one of the most musically dynamic and technically gifted performers of the new generation of pianists. As the winner of the 2013 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, Kholodenko has begun to forge an international career throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. He will be playing one of Prokofiev’s most difficult and notable pieces. In 1921, Prokofiev himself described his 3rd Piano Concerto as “devilishly difficult” as he prepared to play the premiere in Chicago. Almost 100 years later, it is among the most popular works in the genre, with ideas that are relevant even to this day.

Elliott Goldenthal is an Academy Award-winning composer who creates works for film, orchestra, theater, opera and ballet. He has received multiple Oscar nominations for various works and has won an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for his score in the film “Frida,” directed by Julie Taymore. He will be performing his world premiere of “October Light: Adagio for Orchestra,” as a tribute to Maestro St.Clair. Check out a collection of Goldenthal’s finest adagios below.

This concert is filled with incredible music and will be an experience you do not want to miss! Check out our website for more information, and to see if there are any tickets left!

A Symphony, Concerto, & World Premiere: December’s Classical Concert

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