Opera-Vision of the Future

From our February 2019 semi-staged performance of Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly”

As the modern world progresses and changes, people perceive and appreciate art in new ways. What makes opera so unique is how it has been able to innovate as time goes by, while continuing to bring the nostalgia and authenticity of classical performance to life.

OperaVision, a streaming platform created by Opera Europa, creates a new way for opera-lovers to experience this timeless art. Originally launched in 2017, the program has grown to provide enriched and diverse content, bringing together 29 partners from over 17 countries. OperaVision invites everyone to discover the diversity of opera whenever and wherever they want.

Some of OperaVision’s options on their steaming service

With this easy-to-use online opera outlet, users can watch live streams of the operas as they unfold live on stage, as well as dive into the large portfolio of performances that can be watched at any time. The options on the platform seem to be endless, with a comprehensive digital library, stories and interesting articles about the opera world.

One of the things that makes OperaVision unique is its emphasis on providing content for opera-lovers of all ages. On top of live streams, articles and its back-catalogue of performances, they have a section called “Opera Academy,” which is a place for anyone to have conversations with artists about their careers and take online masterclasses with established artists. If you are new to opera and are wanting to know more about what it is, OperaVision has a “New to Opera?” section that helps people discover and learn about this incredible style of performance.

This section is like Buzzfeed for Opera lovers!

Using this amazing platform, modern audiences can connect with opera in new, creative ways. Not only does it provide an outlet for people to experience the world of opera, it preserves the beauty, artistry, and history of an art form that has transcended centuries.

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Make sure to also check out this season’s opera, Verdi’s “Otello” (April 23, 25 & 28)!

Some of the incredible artists on file in their “Conversations” archive


Emma Ballen is a Senior at Chapman University, studying Business Administration, and is currently an entertainment host as Disneyland, interning with the Symphony’s Marketing & Public Relations department.

Opera-Vision of the Future

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