Volunteer of the Year: Jonathan Adamany

In honor of his valuable investment of time, leadership and volunteer efforts, Pacific Symphony is pleased to announce that Pacific Symphony’s Volunteer of the Year for 2020-21 is Pacific Symphony League President Jonathan Adamany. He was also honored with a 2021 Spirit of Volunteerism Award from OneOC. As an Orange County resident and fan of Pacific Symphony since childhood, he has been volunteering with Pacific Symphony since Summer 2016. He has taken an active role in the Pacific Symphony League, first as the Membership Chair and for the past three years as League President. He has been a strong leader for both the League and Pacific Symphony’s Board of Directors serving on the Board’s Executive Committee.

Currently, Adamany is a private mortgage lender specializing in deeds of trust. He is also serving a three-year term with the Association of Major Symphony Orchestra Volunteers (AMSOV) as the board’s Social Media Manager and overseeing the AMSOV Directory. Prior to joining the Pacific Symphony League, he served as the Campaign Communications Director and Deputy Campaign Manager for former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and worked on Capital Hill as an intern to former Congressman Reid Ribble (R-WI).

Jonathan has always been interested in politics and business. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, two minors (Business Administration and Philosophy), as well as two Certificates in Paralegal Studies (ABA approved) and Business Fundamentals, all from the University of San Diego.

Jonathan’s accomplishments while serving as an outstanding volunteer for Pacific Symphony follow:

  • Jonathan led the League into the 21st Century by building up their digital infrastructure. He led the restoration and expansion of the League’s webpage along with the launch of its Access Page and digital Membership Directory.
  • Jonathan created a transferable administration system for League membership management and streamlined the maintenance of records.
  • And among his many other accomplishments, he advocated for and officially redirected that the League’s financial support would be solely focused on music education, established the League Fund for this purpose and introduced the annual year-end appeal letter to this end.

For all these reasons and more, Pacific Symphony is proud to name Jonathan Adamany Volunteer of the Year.

Volunteer of the Year: Jonathan Adamany

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