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Verdi’s autographed score of “Otello”
Verdi profile
Giuseppe Verdi

With the celebration of Carl’s 30th anniversary this season, we were going enjoy something very special this week: the opening of Verdi’s “Otello” in a new production. This opera is one of Verdi’s crowning achievements, and I thought you might want to watch a fully-staged production with English subtitles.

It’s hard to imagine the power that would have been stirred up in our great concert hall with an electrifying performance of Pacific Symphony, Pacific Chorale and a stellar array of soloists. So, we continue to shed some tears for what might have been, but we know that this great score lives on, and we will get back to it!

To better understand the context of the opera, you might want to watch this terrific preview from the Royal Opera House:


Here is the complete production with English subtitles included:




John Forsyte
Pacific Symphony’s President and CEO

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